(Results are in Japanese only)

What is your favorite Capcom fighting series?

Street Fighter
Final Fight
Slam Masters
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
VS Marvel
I like 3D games better than 2D
What is your favorite SNK fighting series?
King of Fighters
Fatal Fury
Art of Fighting
Samurai Shodown
Last Blade
Rage of the Dragons
Power Instinct
VS Capcom
Other NeoGeo games besides SNK's


What is your favorite Jump-Manga series?

Dragon Ball
Yu Yu Hakusho
Saint Seiya
Fist of the Northstar
Muscle Man
Rurouni Kenshin
Sakigake! Otoko Juku
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
One Piece


What is your favoirte Gundam series?

Mobile Suite Gundam SEED
Turn A Gundam
After War Gundam X
Mobile Suite Gundam W
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Suite V Gundam
Mobile Suite ZZ Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suite Gundam
All Gundams Suck !

What is your favorite 3D fighting game series?
Virtua Fighter
Dead or Alive
Bloody Roar
Soul Edge (& Calibur)
Toshinden (Includes D-Xhird)
Psychic Force
Street Fighter EX
Justice Gakuen (Rival Schools)
Star Gladiator
The King of Fighters Maximum Impact
Samurai Spirits 64
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
Tobal No1
Kakuto Chojin
Fighter's Impact
Heaven's Hate
Critical Blow (&Shadow Struggle)
Eretzvayu (Evil Zone)

Your favorite fighting game based Anime?
Street Fighter II MOVIE (Theatrical)
Street Fighter II V (TV Series) 
Street Fighter II the Animated Series (US TV Series)
Street Fighter Alpha/ZERO (OVA Series)
Night Warriors/ Vampire Hunter (OVA Series)
Dark Stalkers (US TV Series)
Fatal Fury :The Motion Picture (Theatrical)
Fatal Fury (TV Special)
Fatal Fury 2 (TV Special)
Art of Fighting (TV Special)
Samurai Spirits (TV Special)
Samurai Spirits Asura Zanmaden (OVA Series)
The King of Fighters :Another Day
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (OVA Series)
Battle Arena Toshinden (OVA Series)
Tekken (OVA Series)
Psychic Force (OVA Series)
Variable Geo (OVA Series)
Virtua Fighter (TV Series) 
Power Stone (TV Series) 


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